Trend Alert- Wine Tasting Party

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Wine tasting is a fun, engaging, and delectable way to spend an afternoon with your friends, but there’s no need to spend half the day traveling from one winery to the next when you can bring all the fun of wine tasting straight to your home!
Here’s how to create the right atmosphere for an at-home wine tasting party:

1. Wine glasses

While it’s no mystery that you will need wine glasses for a wine tasting party, you shouldn’t overlook the different styles of glasses that correspond to different types of wine. Red and white wine technically call for two different shaped glasses, while port and sherry are meant to be served in their corresponding glasses as well. Consider what types of wine you plan on serving throughout the day and make sure you stock up on each style of glass to let your inner sommelier shine!

2. Tall tables

When hosting any kind of get-together that’s focused on beverages, high boy tables are an ideal option. They are tall enough to accommodate a standing crowd. Sitting or standing, a tall table brings the feel of a real bar to your home.

3. Cheese boards

A wine tasting party just wouldn’t be complete without samples of cheese to snack on! Put out serving trays full of your favorite cheeses with spreading knives and crackers. Or, for a sweeter snack, set out an array of chocolates to pair with your wines.

4. Winery décor

Wine Barrels,  and Wine Barrel Bars can all be useful while setting the perfect scene for a wine tasting experience. Wine corks, fake grapes, and empty bottles also offer countless DIY possibilities to create wine-themed décor that will last long after the night is over!

With the scene set, all that’s left is the wine! You can pick up varied selections from the same winery or region for an authentic wine tasting experience, or bring in an array of wines from all around the world to enjoy a wine tasting experience that you can’t get anywhere else!