With the gorgeous scenery of southern Utah its no wonder more and more brides are opting out of traditional indoor weddings and choosing to get married outdoors. Whether your marriage takes place in a field, backyard, or Zion national park, an outdoor wedding really captures an air of romance.  Use scenery and natural landscapes to your decorating advantage, and embrace a less-is-more approach.

A primary concern when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding is unpredictable weather. However, there are other wedding planning points that you will need to think about including: seating, lighting, travel, etc.

Our wedding guide will walk you through all the necessary steps to making your wedding picture perfect.

Picking a Tent

The initial step in a tented wedding is figuring out the right tent size for your reception. First, St. George Party Rentals will ask for your guest count, dining style (seated, buffet), whether you need a dance floor or a stage for a live band, and if you have any additional space requirements (buffet tables, lounge area, etc.). One large reception tent to hold dinner and dancing is a classic arrangement; however, some couples choose different size tents for different purposes, creating a series of destinations for their guests.


Lighting is an important factor in your wedding’s overall style. St. George Party Rentals has its own distinct collection of under-canopy lighting options, with classic choices such as onion lanterns, Asian lanterns, and bistro strings. Many have different chandelier styles (crystal, wrought-iron) as well as uplighting and stage lighting in customizable colors. For higher-budget weddings, it’s not uncommon for a couple to bring in a specialized lighting or décor company to create a truly customized scheme in our tent(s).


You’ve seen it and you want it: the fully floored tent. It’s the ultimate in luxury for an outdoor wedding and ensures comfort under foot for everyone in attendance. A full floor is a higher budget item, and highest of all is a raised floor installed on an engineered platform to position a tent perfectly on a sloping lawn or coastal bluff. St. George Party Rentals have floored over uneven lawns and tennis courts… inquire if you have a special circumstance. But keep in mind that hundreds of our customers have their wedding receptions directly on lawn with plenty of dance floor to spare.


It might seem counterintuitive, but an outdoor wedding often costs more than an indoor one. Why? Because a tented wedding is like building a venue from scratch. The main advantage of St. George Party Rentals Tents is the personalization factor: there’s a lot more creative freedom when you aren’t locked into the look of an indoor venue. If budget is an issue,St. George Party Rentals can work with you on an efficient reception layout and choosing affordable lighting and flooring. And while there are more affordable tent styles out there, keep in mind thatSt. George Party Rentals is the only genuine sailcloth tent (versus similar looking canopies that are made from vinyl). Also, it’s important to note that each of our offices is privately owned and therefore has its own pricing structure.