How to Keep Your Event Materials Organized

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Picture this — you’re a wedding planner with a high-priority event in a week. The bride, aka the mayor’s daughter, specifically requested marble candlesticks, which you promised to supply. Only now, you can’t find them anywhere.

Sounds stressful, right? Luckily, no matter what event you plan — weddings, corporate retreats, dinner parties, etc. — you can avoid this situation. 

In 2016 alone, there were 1.9 million meetings in the U.S. — around 5,205 each day. People love to mingle, network and have fun. If you want a slice of this cash pie, follow the guide below to keep your event materials organized. 

Invest in the Right Materials

Effective organization starts with the right supplies. Stock up on clear bins, labels and permanent markers. Try to organize materials into categories, keeping similar items together. For example, don’t toss lace place settings in with legal pads.

Clear bins allow you to see the materials inside without digging through. Go an extra step and add a label to the lid. Write down the contents, such as faux flower centerpieces or twinkle lights. If you swap out items, place a new label on top.

Start a Storage System

As an event planner, you may be working out of an office, a large venue or your own home. No matter where you are, choose a space for materials. Try to pick one area where you can store everything — not small spots all around.

Remember how you organized each bin by category? Do the same when storing, too. If you have three containers full of notepads and writing materials, stack them together. The more specific your system, the easier it will be to find things. 

Find an External Space 

You can’t fit everything in your house. Store large props — like tents, tables, chairs, etc. — in a garage or shed. You can also rent a nearby storage unit. Ensure any external spot is well-maintained, especially with the upcoming cold weather. 

If you use your garage, you’ll need to winterize the door and ensure it seals. The easiest way to check is to stand in your driveway at night and look at the closed door. If you can see the light coming through, you likely have a problem. That space is enough for heat to escape and cold air to rush in.

Create a Materials Binder

Planners have a binder to track everything — itineraries, attendees, banquet orders, lodging, gifts and more. Why not start one for your materials? It’s an easy way to track each item and where it’s located. 

Try using an Excel sheet, something you can update as you go. An online version allows you to collaborate and share ideas with others. You should also create a last used section to determine which materials are most popular. 

Discover New Software

Are you a high-tech event planner ready to wow your clients? If so, discover a software system that makes organization simple. Digital planners automate repetitive tasks and streamline the entire event. With more time on your hands, you can focus on the big picture.

Most digital planners come with a mobile app, allowing you to update info and share ideas on-the-go. You can organize the entire planning process, from signing contracts to storing materials.

Planning an Event? Keep Your Materials Organized

It’s easy to get organized. Gather the right supplies and select a storage spot. Plus, don’t forget a tracking system, whether it’s old-school or in the cloud.

For an organized event planner, the future is golden. Experts expect demand for planners to grow 7% between 2018 and 2028 — faster than average. 

Start an organization system with the guide above, and you’ll be wowing clients in no time. 

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