5 Tips For Hosting An Easter Brunch

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Easter is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your celebration! And those mid-morning Easter egg hunts are always more enjoyable after a delicious brunch with family and friends. Follow these 5 tips for hosting your own Easter brunch.

1. Lighten up your color palette

Sure, a case can be made for dark, moody color palettes on Easter, but part of this holiday is celebrating the beginning of spring and leaving the darkness of winter in the past. Lighten up the colors in your décor and lean toward pastels and other bright springtime colors.

2. Go for softer linens

Brunch can be a relaxed affair, especially when you get to enjoy it with your family. Make it even cozier with ruffled, soft linens. Velvet or sheer runners can add a perfect touch of soft texture that you can utilize almost anywhere.

3. Load up on florals

Your Easter celebration is a great opportunity to capitalize on everyone’s excitement for spring! We suggest bringing out as many florals as you can, from table centerpieces to décor all around your home.

4. Make the beverages self-serve

Whether it’s orange juice, coffee, or mimosas, brunch can have several beverage options. Setting up self-serve drink stations can take the pressure off the hosts and allows everyone to enjoy the beverage of their choice. Put coffee into airpots, pour juices into carafes, beverage despensers and create a bubbly bar with champagne glasses at the ready.

5. Let guests lounge

After a delicious meal, you want to make sure your guests have a comfy place to relax while the young ones start searching for eggs. You can rent couches, chairs, benches and pillows to create a cozy lounge area indoors, or rent outdoor furniture like loveseats, coffee tables, couches and chairs to take in the fresh spring air.